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What a delight to read and savor David Forman's new book "Fearless HR."  He has a knack for recognizing key themes, explaining them clearly, then offering evidence to rebut and tools to replace traditional reputational challenges faced by HR.----Dave Ulrich
David has written the definitive book for HR leaders who are truly looking to be relevant to the businesses they support by realizing the results the businesses need. David's perspective - HR leaders must be - first & foremost - business focused, understanding the strategies, tactics, and initiatives that drive the most significant business outcomes. From that position, HR can truly begin to fashion aligned strategies, initiatives, and programs that will help mitigate the business' risks and maximize the business' people impact---Mark Berry
This is a serious book for HR professionals who want to be taken seriously! Dave Forman discusses the challenges we face as HR people and makes cogent arguments and practical suggestions as to what we need to do as a profession and as professionals. Anyone who wants to take HR to a new level should read this book and use the advice contained within. This book is a significant contribution to the field of Human Resources.---Sean Nelson
Great synthesis of 30 years of research into the profession of HR.  Incredibly rich in references and digestable for those who are busy and strapped for time---Glen Kallas
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